Quirky Monks

That marketing kickstart – the startups, small companies and individuals need. So, go ahead and do what you do best. Build your idea; let us take care of your brand and marketing.

Why should the large companies have all the fun and great marketing? Why can’t a startup create an equally strong brand promise, positioning, messaging and the visual identity? These thoughts made us question the status quo and here we are with all our knowledge, experience and ammunition to help startups reach newer heights.

Now all you need to do, is hop onboard

What do we offer?

plain and simple, no nonsense marketing

Brand Strategy

What do you do and how do you want people to remember you?

Marketing Strategy

What is the best way to reach your clients and continuously make an impact?

Content and Collateral

We write and design content so that a five-year old gets it (and so does a CXO)

Website Development

Puts your best face forward. Responsiveness, SEO, bla bla all there

Social Media

We go beyond coffee updates and help you engage with your clients. Seriously.

Marketing Campaigns

Oh yes, we do super cool campaigns to get you more admirers who intend to spend on you

Our Clients

we are proud to be part of their vision to change the world